Deluxe Double Room Rental in Tombstone with Balcony

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Woah Nelly! Corral those horses and bring on in those hound dogs. Now that we finally have our new soundproofing project completed, we are happy to announce we are now Pet Friendly in cabins 5 and 6! Though your horses may still be a little too large to bring inside, we are happy to host you and your k9 best friends.

Please Note: we do have a maximum occupancy of 2 pets per cabin and a pet fee does apply.

Room five offers two double beds & is suited for up to 4 guests. You’ll also find all the amenities we offer below.

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  • Private Studio Cabin
  • Private Full Bathroom
  • Sleeps 4
  • WiFi
  • AC/Heat
  • Mountain Views
  • Satellite TV
  • Located on Historic Allen Street
  • Private Balcony