Deluxe Double Room For Rent in Tombstone with Balcony

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For those of you who are hungry for hauntings and searching for a haunted hotel room in Tombstone, Arizona, rumor has it and several guests have inquired if a friendly ghost may roam these walls.

We believe the only ghosts you’ll find at Miners Cabins are just the ones in the stories you tell.  Some of you travel to Tombstone in search of our ghostly and haunted history. If this is something that sparks your interest, no need to call ghost busters, we got you.  Just pack your EVPs and do some exploring of your own.

Tombstone offers guided Ghost Tours if you prefer the comfort of some extra company. Other guests have raved about the Guided paranormal tour through the Bird Cage theatre which is with-in a 2 minute walk of your room. Don’t worry, if you’re looking for a spot new to town where ghosts have yet to roam, we’re here for you.

Miners Cabins newly constructed in 2020 – so we’re still building our history. BOO!

Room three comes equipped with two double/full-sized beds that can accommodate up to four guests.

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  • Private Studio Cabin
  • Private Full Bathroom
  • Sleeps 4
  • WiFi
  • AC/Heat
  • Mountain Views
  • Satellite TV
  • Located on Historic Allen Street
  • Private Balcony